Promise Rings for Her

Promise rings are a great way to show your commitment to your loved one when you’re not quite ready to commit to an engagement or marriage. They signify just how serious you are about your relationship and just how much you value her companionship and support. However, to convey the right message, you need to purchase the right ring. Your partner will be pleased regardless of the kind of ring you give her because it the thought that counts. But why not give her something she’ll absolutely love?

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How to Choose the Right Ring For Her?

Men are always anxious when they want to purchase a symbol of commitment for their significant others. Here’s a brief guide that will help you purchase the best one possible:

• Consider the Metal Carefully – If you want to give her a promise ring, you probably know what kind of metal and colors she might prefer. If you don’t, just look through your photographs of her and see what kind of metal she prefers in her accessories. Take special note of her rings as that will give you the best ideas. Women usually gravitate towards one color based on their skin’s undertone.

• Consider the Setting – The setting of the stones and the design is what makes the ring special. Different settings have different meanings so you should consider it carefully. A single stone shows that the two of you are now a unit that glows brighter. Three-stone settings represent the past, present, and the future of your relationship. An eternity band will show that you want the relationship to last forever.

• Choose a Great Gemstone – Promise rings don’t have to be a heavy burden on your pocket. There are many that have semi-precious or cubic zirconia stones on them and they look beautiful. You also have the option to choose between different colors. You can pick stones in colors that your partner prefers or choose something that’s universally flattering and won’t clash with different outfits.

• Make Sure You Get the Size Right – It’s very easy to get the size wrong, especially if you intend to purchase the promise ring online. Try to find your partner’s current ring size by asking her parents or friends. You can also look at her existing rings and try to determine the size with the help of online guides and articles.

• Consider Inscribing It – If you want to add a special touch to your promise ring, you can add an inscription to it. It can simply be your initials together or a short but sweet message. That’s a great way to personalize your ring.

Why Purchase Promise Rings From Us?

Promise rings are a representation of your commitment so it needs to look good and be of good quality. With us, you don’t have to worry about the quality and durability of the rings. They will look just as beautiful after a few month of wear as they do when you purchase them. We also have a great collection of designs and colors so don’t hesitate to browse through our collection to find something your partner will love.