How We Use Cookies

What is a Cookie

Cookies are small snippets of data/information that a website like ours stores on your computer or mobile device (like phone and iPad/tablet etc). The cookie can either be stored either in the memory of your computer or on the device hard drive.  If you enable cookies they are created when you visit website or other online services that use the cookies to help provide more customized services to their cusotmers.

Generally speaking, cookies are harmless and will not cause any issues with your computer or device.  if you are concerned and would like to find out more information about cookies please visit

If you disable cookies on your computer you may have a less than optimal experience on our site.

Why Use Cookies

The Promise Ring Store uses cookies to try and help improve your user experience whilst you are on our webpage. We use them try remember what each invidual in interested in so that next time they visit out store we can show them more of the types of products they like to see and provide other useful information to enhance your user experience like remember your language settings or possibly also the contents in your shopping basket if your shopping experience has been interupted.

The cookies we use on this site do not collect personnal information, and our Privacy Policy will explain how we treat this information.